Plastic Bobbin And Spindle For Braiding Machinery

Rope Braiding Machine Spare Parts High Quality Bobbins And Spindles for Narrow Fabric Braiding Machine

There are 80 and 90 series high speed braiding machine and the braiding machine spindle carrier is a main part of high speed braiding machine. Our factory produce the spindle carrier for different braiding machine factories and the textile factory whom use different type braiding machine for produce laces, cords, tape etc.


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    High Quality Braiding Machine Spare Parts Bobbin And Spindle

    Gufan is one of the competitive China high speed braiding machine spare parts manufacturers. Our are producing the complete range of braiding machine accessories,and supply our spare parts to the other braiding machine manufacture with the high quality and the lowest price, and you are welcomed to wholesale products from our factory.

    We can produce the complete range of spare parts for braiding machine.

    Please provide us detailed specification.

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    Plastic Bobbin For Braiding Machinery
    Plastic Bobbin For Braiding Machinery


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    Please provide us detailed specification.


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